Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I Forgive You, Randy Newman...

Randy Newman made my life a misery in junior high school with his song "Short People" (there is a reason that my handle is LittleBit!), but this song makes up for that in droves.

This song was written about another disaster in the history of Louisiana, the big flood of 1927. The Mississippi River broke the levee system in 145 places, killed 246 people in 7 states and 700,000 people were left homeless.

This was the impetus for the Great Migration of African-Americans out of the Old South to the more industrialized North, and changed the political map forever.

If you don't think there was a political calculus involved in the Katrina response, you are deluding yourself. Republicans are not stupid--they learn their history and use the lessons learned to further their goals.

Republicans need to make Louisiana a little (or a lot) whiter, so the last bastion of the Blue South will turn Rebel Red.

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