Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Daily Show and The Colbert Report

Last night, watching Real Time with Bill Maher, I heard Richard Dreyfuss expound upon the lack of civics teaching in schools. I know I am an old fart, but I remember Civics being a subject for my whole freshman year, and I had to take an additional year of American government.

With civics no longer taught in the public schools, TDS and TCR have essentially replaced it, in a fractured and comical fashion. The demographics from the 2006 elections strongly suggest that the two shows on Comedy Central (of all networks!) were instrumental in record voter turnout in younger age groups--up to a 116% increase!

Now Stephen Colbert is doing a riff on his "Better Know A District" segment, doing a "Better Know A Founder" interviewing three different Thomas Jefferson imitators, in the guise of finding the "real" Jefferson and highlighting the real issues of slavery in America from a Founding Father's point of view.

It was brilliant.

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