Monday, October 16, 2006

It Is Not Bill Clinton's Fault

Bill Clinton was not the president when:
  • North Korea violated the Agreed Framework negotiated by multilateral talks.

  • We blew through a $284 billion surplus into an average ANNUAL deficit in excess of $300 billion.

  • We invaded a sovereign country for the first time in the history of this country, one which was NOT a threat to this country.

  • The administration ignored multiple PDB's about al Qaeda and/or bin Laden determined to attack the US.

  • The US became nearly universally reviled due to arrogant international behavior.

  • New Orleans was reduced from a vibrant city into a photocopy of a third-world country and we were no longer confident that FEMA would always be there in the case of natural disaster.

  • Our military was reduced from being the best in the world to a stretched-out shadow of it's former glory and was not sent into battle on any front without the proper equipment.
  • It is not Bill Clinton's fault.

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