Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Can You Say, "Cognitive Dissonance?"

This goes beyond satire.

Michelle "Kill All Brown Skinned People (Except Me, Of Course! I'm Not Really Brown!)" Malkin has gotten her knickers in a knot over three man who were convicted of masterminding the deaths of 200 Muslims in interfaith clashes in 2000.

The reason she so graciosly seeks to protect mass-murdering terrorists from their death sentences? They attend Mass! They are Catholic, and as such, they are part of "The Good GuysTM".

The reason these terrorists should be freed, not executed for their heinous acts? There were doubts about the fairness of their trial! (Gasp!) Do you mean that they were imprisioned without the right of habeus corpus, not allowed to see the evidence against them and denied the right to confront their accusers? Perish the thought!

This is something that would cause a normal person's head to explode, but not Malkin's. She has insurance against that particular catastrophe.

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