Thursday, September 21, 2006

Moral Bankruptcy

I thought that the me-me-me, go-go '80's would represent the low point in our cultural morality. The selfish consumption of the time, which was in itself a reaction to "protest overload" left over from the 1970's, was a mere blip on the graph of amoral behavior.

We have now pegged the machine. I cannot believe that we are living in a country that was founded in a massive protest against immoral government, whose very defining document proscribes torture, imprisionment without a chance to see the evidence against the imprisioned, etc.

The reason given, "Everything changed after 9/11." Well, it did, indeed. Our Founding Fathers, those who pushed the frontiers of this country to the Pacific Ocean, all faced daily risk of terrorists (Redcoats, Native American warriors, other settlers, brigands, etc.). They did not forsake the Constitution or say that everything changed after "_" (fill in the blank). They had just as much (or more) reason than we did after 9/11.

There is NO excuse for us to even hint that we will retroactively absolve criminals who broke the War Crimes Act. War Criminals WILL be brought to justice. Please make it be Americans who bring our own leaders to the Hague, not others.

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