Sunday, September 17, 2006

Even Fox News Is Getting It...

Two Princeton students (who each look about 14 years old), and a Princeton professor show how quickly and easily a Diebold machine can be hacked, leaving no trail.

Even Fox News had these men on and they hacked the vote in less than 4 minutes.

I think Fox is sensing a shift in the political winds, one that will absoulutely cry foul if there is a significant difference between exit polls and tallied votes. Historically, exit polls are fairly accurate harbingers of voting trends.

This has changed in the Diebold, E,S&S era. Exit polls reflect precinct returns until, at the last minute, in the Republican candidate's home district, there will be a sudden surge of support--enough to win the election for the R candidate.

This has happened time and again. There were -25,000,000 votes cast for Kerry in one district in Ohio in the 2004 election. There are not even 25 million citizens in that part of Ohio, let alone negative 25 million.

How Kerry let this pass, I will never understand. Ohio would have given him the Presidency. What would this country be like if Torture Boy GWClusterfuck and his campadres (since he likes to pretend he's a good ole Texas cowboy) had been sent to that great brush-clearin' place in Hell. Otherwise known as East Texas.

(Apologies to the worthy denizens of East Texas--you probably don't want them either.)

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