Thursday, September 14, 2006

This is Our Constitution, Damnit!

Peterr on Firedoglake:

For those who are joining al-Scooter and that “dialing digit” let me repost a couple of thoughts (slightly amended) from the other day.

Dems need to plainly tell the truth about what we believe:

We believe that the Geneva Convention works.
We do not believe in torture.

We believe in accountability and the rule of law.
We do not believe in secret prisons or warrantless wiretaps, outside the scrutiny of the courts.

We believe that our morality is not dependent upon the morality of others.
We do not believe in giving up our moral stature in times of war.

We believe that no one is above the law - not the president, not the CIA, not the Justice Department, not the Congress, not the courts, not corporations, not unions, not lobbyists.
We believe that no one is beneath the law - not the poor, not the non-English speakers, not the immigrant (legal or not), not the ill, not the outcasts of our society.

We believe that the military and the officers of the intelligence communuity are safer with the Geneva Conventions in place.
We do not believe in cutting and running from the protections of Geneva.

Most of all, we believe in three branches of government that hold each other accountable as they do the people’s business.
We do not believe in King George. Not in 1776, and not in 2006.

This needs to be published in every forum, read aloud at every newscast, recited every morning in school.

Amen, I say. Amen.

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